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A Section 21 notice to quit can only be used to regain possession of a property at the end of an assured shorthold tenancy. Notes and references[ edit ]. The landlord cannot proceed with the eviction and must serve another one.

You do not need to give a reason for requiring possession, it is no-fault, no blame, and providing you use the Accelerated Possession route you will not usually need a court hearing.

But get some legal advice when you first get the notice see Further help and ask if you are eligible for legal aid see Getting legal advice.

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Otherwise, section 21 cannot be used and they are liable in court for failing the protection procedure. If rent is paid monthly the period of the tenancy is one month, if the rent is paid weekly the period of tenancy is one week and so forth.

This is called an 'outright possession order'. For more details, go to the main Section 21 Notice post.

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If the court accepts your defence, they could decide to dismiss your landlord's case. It will probably also say when you will be taken to have received the notice. If in doubt seek expert advice. I just want to quickly show you 1 What a section 21 noitce looks like 2 How I completed the Section 21 notice I served to my tenants 3 give others an opportunity to point out any mistakes if there are any or provide any additional tips. In addition the notice to quit must still respect the two month period required by the law. There must be a start date and end date. Unlike the old s21 notice which once served lasts indefinitely, the new notice last for a maximum of 6 months. The end date must fall just before the next rental period is due. Two Letters — some experts recommend that two such notice letters be sent from different post offices.

Bailiffs are employed by the court to help landlords get their property back. If the tenant does not leave by the expiry date on the notice the landlord will need to apply to the court for a possession order.

If so, ask to speak to a tenancy relations officer and they should be able to advise you about your eviction notice, for free.

For example, if you pay rent four times, the section 21 must give you at least three months of time.

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Failure to do so is a common indicator about the readiness to tackle problems and work in the interest of the tenant. Particularly, landlords will issue a section 8 — notice to seek possession. We are up that famous creek without a paddle I suppose. Possession under this section of the Housing Act cannot take place during the fixed term of the tenancy, but the notice can be served at any time during the fixed term provided the tenant is given a minimum of two months' notice. Your landlord is still entitled to the rent and you should carry on paying it until the day you leave the property. Landlords can still serve a notice to quit, but it must respect the fixed term until it has expired. The landlord has renewed the tenancy Section 21 is only valid for the current tenancy. If your landlord didn't give you the right version Your section 21 notice won't be valid. Court papers After your landlord applies to the court, the court sends you papers, including a defence form.
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