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John Ambulance. She gathered information about the Germans for the British Secret Service. They attended lessons about the products being sold. Many of these women were former switchboard operators or employees at telecommunications companies. There had been a gap in employment when the men enlisted; many women strove to fill this void along with keeping up with their responsibilities at home.

They gutted and cleaned fish, then took them to market to sell. What makes a strong presentation?

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She became a Sergeant Major. These war time conditions did not affect just women but did affect women most of all over men due to the forced conscription nature of the Ottoman Empire and the fact that women were the ones left to take care of villages and homes dotted throughout the country.

Edith Cavell was probably the most celebrated nurse of the war. By women were making most of Britain's munitions.

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Their contributions were more important than initially expected, resulting in more respect for women in medical professions. They kept spirits high by chatting and singing together.

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This included better-paying and more rewarding work in industries and other suddenly-available jobs. They kept spirits high by chatting and singing together. Open today a. The women workers on London buses and trams went on strike in to demand the same increase in pay war bonus as men. The strike spread to other towns in the South East and to the London Underground. Gran was one of the first woman anesthetists with the A. VAD nurses often washed and cleaned as well as nursing their patients. Wages and Unions While the war offered many new choices for women and work, it did not usually lead to a rise in the salaries of women, which were already much lower than men's.

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What did women do on the home front in the war?