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This happened in , when Ralph Nader, running as the Green Party nominee, finished third in the popular vote with just 2. Adopted by nations worldwide. There have been 7 such Electors in this century and as recently as when a Democrat Elector in the State of West Virginia cast his votes for Lloyd Bensen for president and Michael Dukakis for vice president instead of the other way around. I may be missing a few stops but you get the point. Senators creating a total of electoral votes. This is the type of system that is used to elect most officials in our government. Constitutionalists believe that we should keep the Electoral College, because it works.

Some of the more important American political movements of the past two centuries used suffrage as a centerpiece issue.

Election colleges have several weaknesses, but it does not mean that they should not be totally fired. House of Representatives plus one for each of its two U.

In fact, the more research I did on America's voting process the more incredulous I became.

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There are many cons to this system that will be highlighted throughout this essay. The Twelfth Amendment set forth the rules and regulations for which the Office of President shall be determined. MinnPost illustration by Jaime Anderson One in a series of articles. I hope whoever wins does so with the most votes so that we can avoid the controversy of the election. This is a call to fix an antique system, that is holding us back from social progression. Does Canada use a fair electoral system? Hello everybody, today I am going to talk about a topic that could change the course of American History forever. However in the Electoral College, Gore received votes while Bush received A first-term president who expects to have a tough reelection fight as they all at least expect to but who wanted to establish diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba broken in would have to consider the possibility that such a policy might cost him Florida and therefore a second term. I may be missing a few stops but you get the point. Look at the backgrounds of the two major presidential candidates. Combine this with the fact that smaller states receive more electoral votes per person than larger states, and it becomes possible to win the presidency by winning just For example, cards would not be able to spend more time on campaigns in big red provinces like Texas and small swing states like New Hampshire.

A majority winner must receive votes to be elected. The lawsuits that emerged in the fallout of the election will be less likely to reappear.

should college election be abolished essay

Many Americans are familiar with this part of the voting process. This sectionalism became an increasingly difficult problem as the contentious slavery issue splintered the nation in the mid-nineteenth century.

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10 reasons why the Electoral College is a problem