Tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007

Recently used templates PowerPoint keeps track of the templates you apply to your presentations and displays the last few in a list.

Lets you create either a blank presentation or a presentation based on one of the themes or templates you recently applied to a PowerPoint presentation. The rest of this chapter shows you how to add text and change the look of your newly created presentation.

how to make a slideshow in powerpoint 2007 with music

PowerPoint displays the slide containing your text. PowerPoint gives you two options: adding a slide with layout identical to the current slide, and specifying a different slide layout. Several theme thumbnails appear in the middle of the New Presentation window.

powerpoint presentation 2007

Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. The second way to add another slide it to click 'New Slide' in the toolbar above the slides.

Carefully consider word placement. Templates are nothing more than presentations for which someone the template author has defined Slide and Title masters. The design you picked earlier will have carried over to this slide. One says text is king; the other advises PowerPointers to use as little text as possible.

To add a new text box to a slide: Click the Insert tab.

tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007
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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation: 8 Steps