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By this time, Buddhism was already divided into eighteen important sects.

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The Mahayanism remained closer to the concepts of Hinduism with regard to Nirvana, Brahman, incarnations of God, faith and devotion, etc. This must have been an awaking for people of his time seeking a more personal religion, away from the rigidities of a priest-dominated Hinduism of India. Basham has no general acceptance. However, the religious beliefs of Mahayanism were not entirely new. Essay 6. Taking on too much can lead to stress and physical illnesses. Mahatma Buddha did not go there himself but sent one of his disciples to his kingdom.

On the contrary, it is also a way to attain Nirvana and at one time proved useful for the masses as Dr. The man commonly known as Buddha was born in B.

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Each Sangha carried on its works as an independent entity. During the reign of Kanishka Sanskrit became the medium of preaching. Some may say it is a religion while others say it is a philosophy. Siddhartha Gautama was known by many of his followers as Buddha. Buddhism was now divided into two major and important sects. All gods including Brahma , Vishnu and Siva, have taken birth from the womb of the Divine Mother who is the creator of all Universe. The cave paintings of Karle, Bagh, Ajanta and Ellora display the maturity in style and finish of the Indian painters. He is well recognized and praised by Buddhists as an enlightened and awakened teacher who share his insights and beliefs to help them end ignorance of dependent origination, thus escaping from what is interpreted as a cycle of suffering and rebirth Both these traditions have existed for many centuries and encompass important beliefs derived from the Pali Canon and other ancient Indian Buddhist literature. I came to learn who the Buddha as a man really was, and the steps he took in becoming a religious icon. Islam got easy converts also from Buddhists, particularly from among those who were converted to it from the lower strata of the society. Otherwise he reaps the consequences of his own actions done in his previous birth.

All were welcomed within its fold, more or less, on an equal footing. Suddhodana and Maya gave birth to a man by the name of Siddhatta Gotam or Shakyamuni who later would become the founder of Buddhism Laumakis 7.

A few of them were as follows: 1. It became popular in Buddhism because of an additional factor.

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Buddhism began in India from the experience of one person originally named Siddhartha, who later became known as Buddha. However, Buddhism has received a new lease of life during modern age.

The story of buddhism essay

All these put together destroyed the pious living of the monks and the nuns and corruption became widespread in the Sanghas. For centuries together chivalry, wars and conquests governed the attitude of the ruling class in India and as such it withdrew its support to Buddhism. Each Sangha carried on its works as an independent entity.

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The teacher of Buddhism is Siddahartha Gautama Buddha. It not only brought a new religion for China, but also had a profound impact on the vegetarian Christianity And Buddhism Vs. It helped greatly in the propagation of Buddhism in India as well as in foreign countries. These schools, or sects, have different writings and languages and have grown up in different cultures. The last two principles of right resolution and right view bring about the development of intellect Prajna. The tantrik cult, even at present, looks upon every woman as an incarnation of the Universal Mother. One day, a spirit in the form of a white elephant, visited the woman and entered her womb. Later on, the sect was called the Hinayana or the Lesser Vehicle.

I know understand that Buddhism is not all meditation and relaxing. Asoka took keen interest in the propagation of Buddhism not only in India but even outside its geographical limits.

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Believe in your heavenly Father. Thus, Indian architecture, sculpture and painting owe a large debt to Buddhism. Therefore, Divine Mother occupies the highest place among all gods. One day, a spirit in the form of a white elephant, visited the woman and entered her womb. It was presided by Acharya Mahakasyapa. Christianity Brianna M. The Personality of Mahatma Buddha: Buddha was a prince, yet he accepted the life of a monk. Besides, Hinduism took over from Buddhism some of its attractive features as preaching monks, religious processions etc. Acceptance of Popular Language: Buddha gave his teachings in the language of the people, that is, Magadhi. When looking at Buddhism from a political stance, we can focus on the Buddha being in the same time era when the warrior caste was taking place. Service to the humanity. The Buddha also said that with regards to enjoyment, an individual should understand the three things that enables and disables the happiness. A state without suffering.

These fatuous pleasures, however, are swept away early on in the story, as he experiences a series of events that challenge his rosy outlook and eventually transform him into a more world-weary, somewhat wiser person.

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