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Sammy, the narrator, is introduced as a grocery checker and an observer of the store's patrons.

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By closing your eyes, the other senses, like feeling, hearing and smelling, tune in and take over. A girl tries drawing the old Cathedral with her ex-boyfriend who is visually impaired visiting her in her house. This wise and smooth character is genuinely interesting.

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Relationship with a person who has mental health problems can lower the satisfaction levels. While he was away at his school or training, she became quite lonely and sought employment. The impetus change in the two stories is unforeseen, and it is an unsettling influence on the characters ordinary schedule. His views of the world are largely based on what he sees on media especially television and movies. He was no one I knew. Another way in which Carver points out the concept of broken marriage relationships in our society is by portraying characters as being in an unhappy, depressed marriage relationship. Not only this, but he would also judge people just by the way they talk or their names. She never ceases to consider his comfort and needs during his stay. In this way, the metaphorical blindness of substance use is bittersweet. Just as the very man he rejects, the narrator is blind. She walks around the store in a proud way as she thinks she is elegant and sexually attractive in grasping the attention of the men in town.

This is in reality a big problem in our society today. Queenie out of the three girls is a beauty with brains character of the story, portrayed innocent carrying precocity.

The depressed spouse often loses interest in activities that used to bring pleasure and may experience fatigue and listlessness.

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Works CitedAronson, Elliot. When one spouse is depressed, the depression colors everything in the relationship. The second way in which the wife is blind is, perhaps unexpectedly, in her interaction with Robert. They are the characters different from the crowd in the society and are portraying the influence of modernism on the personal lifestyle of women of s and s. He just finds it bad to treat people differently by their outlooks. Lewis, Michael. Both the writers were Americans novelists living through the 20th century, and it is evident from these two works of them that they observed the transformations in the society very keenly. A lot can be learned from these senses and new truths can be unrevealed. But later, I realized that she was suffering a hard disease and that was the reason she had lost her hair. What I received from the setting, was a very low maintenance town where "everybody knows everybody" very tight community most likely old school beliefs and structures religion, dress code, ethics, morals, ext strict and for a short time tourists come to live for a while, and in a sense shake up the foundation of the town a bit with their outside beliefs and values Studies in Short Fiction. The character of the husband in Cathedral is a person who socially does not connect much with the people.

Through using the thoughts of the narrator, the reader is able to grab our attention because the story is made more realistic. His own dark perception of the blind prevents him from initially understanding the rich personality and potential of his guest.

Ozer, Irma Jacqueline. Also, their interactions paint the picture of a pair with poor communication and absent respect.

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