The lion king analysis of development

Scar, on the other hand, has respect for no one but himself. Rafiki: After refusing to go back home, he encounters the mystic babboon one night and follows Rafiki when he says he knows who Simba is.

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In this last scene the protagonist defeats the antagonist, and there is no antagonist anymore. Timon has giant eyes, and Pumbaa has a huge body and tiny legs. As king, he lets the Pride Lands go completely to waste.

He flees from home and goes into the jungle where he meets Timon and Pumba. To him, all of the other members of his family are pawns to be maneuvered or dispensed with in order to ensure his rise to power.

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Social Status Social status tells us a lot about who characters are and where they're going. He finds his responsibility and goes to pride rock to fight scar and retake what was really his. Because they're outsiders by choice, not because of someone else's orders. We know Scar is evil by his actions. He also asks his father what it is like to be king. There are different opposing characters that draw a conflict. The scene in the graveyard for instance, when he realizes that being brave is more then just being a lion. Ignorant of his resposibilities. Respect is sort of the watchword here: Mufasa, Sarabi, and Simba all have love and respect for each other. Here, Simba starts to remember his responsibilities and wants to go back to fight for his home land. We watch Simba develop from foolish baby cub to intelligent adult through his actions. When Scar mentions the graveyard he is also very curious to find out what is out there.

In the end only one person can win, and Simba has to decide if he is going to take on his resposibilities, or stay back in the jungle. By contrast, Mufasa is good: he rescues his son from bloodthirsty hyenas and then from a stampede of wildebeests, and he keeps the Pride Lands green and lush and the bellies of his subjects full of food.

So he is very immature, because he is only a cub.

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Characterization in The Lion King