The life and political career of franklin d roosevelt

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Governor Roosevelt and the Great Depression Governor Roosevelt, though, had a more immediate problem on his hands: the Great Depression. His mother died when he was The investor would later sell the stock, repay the broker or the bank, and pocket the profit.

The life and political career of franklin d roosevelt

She attempted to break the engagement several times. He even went so far as to oppose Tammany's choice for the U. He entered politics in and was elected to the New York State Senate as a Democrat from his traditionally Republican home district. After Roosevelt returned from Yalta, he was so weak that he was forced to sit down while addressing Congress for the first time in his presidency. Roosevelt's career as a state senator was cut short in when he was appointed by President Woodrow Wilson as the assistant secretary of the Navy. He did pass the bar, though, and worked for a few years at the New York City law firm of Carter, Ledyard, and Milburn. He learned an important lesson, though: to succeed in New York politics he needed to mend fences with Tammany Hall.

Even though Franklin D. In New York, Governor Roosevelt reacted slowly at first, hoping, much like Hoover, that the economy would turn around. Europe's economic health, then, was built on a web of financial arrangements and hinged on a robust American economy.

Upon his return, Eleanor Roosevelt discovered that her husband had been romantically involved with her social secretary, Lucy Mercer.

By swimming nearly every day, Roosevelt could move in and out of his wheelchair as well as up stairs. In Smith became the Democratic candidate for president and arranged for Roosevelt's nomination to succeed him as governor of New York.

Roosevelt was narrowly elected, and the victory gave him confidence that his political star was rising. He also sought through neutrality legislation to keep the United States out of the war in Europe, yet at the same time to strengthen nations threatened or attacked.

He even mended fences with Tammany Hall to which Smith was affiliated and reached out to the local Democratic parties in the East, whose constituencies were largely urban, Catholic, and ethnic.

Start your free trial today. In the end, he decided he could do it. FDR won the race by over a thousand votes, the clear beneficiary of his own efforts and a split in the Republican Party between progressives and conservatives.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR): Early Political Career