The importance of living like a child in life

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Believing in yourself is important. Do you reminisce with friends about how great it was to be a kid because you had nothing to worry about?

It means worrying about paying the bills and all your responsibilities at work. If I take an honest audit of my day, I see moments where I let fear get the best of me.

Feel like a kid

Reduced inhibitions Have you ever watched a little kid sing or dance in public? For the adolescent, ask what book they are reading and then read it yourself. In both cases, engage the child in a discussion about the book. Whiz along on a shopping cart or anything with wheels for a gleeful ride that will blow any earnest thoughts from your mind. Giggle with friends. The groups that were told to think like a child regularly came up with better, more creative answers. Are we really going to let fear steal some of that beauty from us? Take the time to think about how something is going to make you feel when you do it, and use that to make your decision on whether or not it is something you need to do.

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Question every wretched rule that hampers your precious happiness.

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3 Ways to Live Like a Child (And Why You Should)