Teenagers ought to be given more freedom

Teenagers ought to be given more freedom

Some comments here say that the child may get into drugs and all, but how can you guarantee that your child is safe from such ills under your 'restrictions'. Neither is it rocket science! Modern India, with all its glories, is seen involved in the Darwinian theory 'Survival of the fittest'. Not every teenager is the same! This tends to be counter-productive as teenage daughters will refuse to communicate with their parents. The teenager has become misguided. The neglect has given rise to many violent incidents and degenerating moral values. The teenager is an individual who wants answers to his questions. Only through constant encouragement and realistic assessment can your teenage daughter tide through her teens in the most healthy and conducive manner possible. He is being fed senseless satellite entertainment, which has its own axe to grind.

The consequences of this are serious. We are humans and have brains too.

teenager should be free to do what they like express your views against the statement

It takes time and patience. They are a lot more anxious, they are more likely to self-harm, they are more prone to bullying, they are binge drinking and they are more likely to be at risk of promiscuous sexual behaviour. Only when it is too much to handle, should parents interfere accordingly.

reasons why freedom should be given

To build a modern India we need balanced teenagers. Encouragement is the key to this.

Disadvantages of freedom for teenager

Teens who are not exposed to the ills of the world, don't learn anything in life. The classes overcrowded and the teachers are not inclined to look after individual needs. There is no way parents can remedy a problem that they are not even aware of. It is a learning process and just like everything else, it gets better with effort and time. The world is growing around them rapidly. In such troubled times, the teenagers are a neglected tribe. The correct approach is to tackle signs of over-confidence and egotistical traits once they show. He is being fed senseless satellite entertainment, which has its own axe to grind. There is nobody to guide them through quagmire. However, it is just as pertinent to allow their teenage girls to live through those hardships.

They are no more.

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Teenagers should be given more freedom