Tattoo and work essay

Tattoo and work essay

The reason people get tattooed has changed. I myself enjoy piercings and tattoos; it is a great way to express oneself in a specific way and to make your self-image more individual. Education is the answer, not laws. Most people do fall under a lot of those categories, but not all of them have tattoos. Not surprisingly, gossip is a common form of communication that is highly prevalent in our social lives, especially within the workplace. His views went in step with the uprising of the demand for rights of different groups such as gay, women, and peace movements. Businesses that ban paying customers with tattoos in a store to increase revenue will by default stunt their net revenue. Your time is important.

It was also true that tattoo stylings started being geared towards a more Japanese style and became less masculine. The outdated and inconsistent dress code policies against tattoos and piercings go further than just the social workers perspectives.

A majority of people have changed who they are just so that they are able to have a job or just too even get a job.

Why tattoos should be accepted in society

Martin and Dula talk about the stereotypes that are towards individuals with tattoos, which include, being unsuccessful in school, coming from a broken home, having an unhappy childhood, rarely attending church, having poor decision-making skills, getting tattoos while under an influence, and being an easy victim to peer pressure. When dealing with stocks and bonds or selling real estate, tattoos might draw people away. Yes, when exercised wisely it can benefit the business, but when used incorrectly it can result in negative effects. Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself individually. As I was discussing this with my mother, I came upon the conclusion that tattoos and piercings will only be accepted when the younger generation replaces the older generation in the higher-up positions of the workplace. There are many instances where people have even denied medical care and treatment because their nurse or doctor had visible tattoos. Many people who have tattoos and piercings are not causing harm to anyone, especially in the business world. Each of my tattoos has meaning, and my piercings are not meant to offend anyone.

But does having tattoos, visible or not, affect work performance? Most people fail to realize that body modifications can be as simple as tanning, dieting, or more drastic, plastic surgery. Many stereotypes are duplicated across cultures that don't share the same language, culture, borders, or even continents.

argumentative essay on tattoos and piercings

Piercings and tattoos are another aspect of dress code that employers also struggle with. Also, in2 in 10 adults in the United States reported to have at least one tattoo. In all jobs, we are required to follow a dress code. Every work-place has its own dress code and ethics rules, but there are certain guidelines they have to follow.

While continuing to grow in popularity and becoming a lifestyle, people are facing issues with having visible tattoos in the workforce.

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Essay about Tattoos in the Workplace