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He had an astonishing aesthetic sense, which businesspeople almost always lack. So if Mr.

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This is the most important step for any leader, having the ability to recognize what needs to be done and how to execute this in order to become more productive and successful. Exhibit A: Steve Jobs. Send Me My Copy!

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My selection of autocratic CEOs mentioned here, like other leading CEOs, have two more corresponding qualities that are unmissable — an audacious vision objective and an unbelievable narcissistic need for complete control. Look for people who take their roles seriously and lead from the front, but who are not slow to see the lighter side of life.

And the most successful leaders use this style of leadership without guilt and to achieve the best of results with the majority of people but intelligently spare the few mature colleagues they might have who work with passion and without the need for being ordered.

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On leadership: autocratic for the people