Space matrix ryanair

To be considered as the prime choice of customers across the globe.

Only arrive at secondary airports, no option for arrival at primary airports 0. Expand clientele during hard financial times by gaining customers who do not desire premium flights. Regardless of whether Ryanair wins or losses the court battles it will still incur a lot of legal expenses and managements attention could get diverted from running the business to fighting in courts. KLM 22, 22, 8. Ansoff Matrix — Strategic Direction for Ryanair More detailed information can be found in the appendices on pages Only arrive at secondary airports; no option for arrival at Primary Airports. Earnings per share is only 25 Euro cents compare to main competitor Easy Jet at 52 Euro cents. Concern for public image 9. A more detailed analysis of the low-cost airline industry can be found in the appendices on page S2, S1, O2 Start offering flights outside of Europe.

Increased competition from alternative forms of. Markets 4.

Space matrix ryanair

Low Operating Costs: the current strategy of Ryanair is to reduce the operating cost by focusing on four main targets such as 1 Equipment cost of Aircraft, 2 Productivity of Personnel, 3 Customer service cost, and handling and 4 access to airport cost lamk.

This indicates the fact that Ryanair has outperformed its rival airlines through low cost operational activities Reuters, Now Ryanair has reached 11, employees.

If planning is done through careful examination of resources, the companies maximise its profitability. This, for example, includes employee training and aircraft maintenance Ryanair, Ryanair, ; Ryanair, Pursue web-based advertising and further expansion in web services. The leadership at Ryanair practices what it preaches and it helps further reinforce the low cost message throughout the organization. Start flying into 10 to 12 primary airports European airports have shown interest. Number one on-time airline in Europe. Success in Ancillary services leads to new open markets for joint ventures. It is vital to have strategic planning as it is the creator for steps for operating decisions. In other words, it can be described as rather than attempt to finish project, it is essential to strategies every single move in the business by considering future, times, cost and changes in a proper manner to have a clearly defined business strategy for it. Open up their aviation repair service and flight training programs to operations outside the company. Outline the key challenges and opportunities faced by their Human Resource Management. To be considered as the prime choice of customers across the globe. S2, S1, O2 Start offering flights outside of Europe. Added new routes to their already existing routes which gives them a total of more than routes.

T4, T8, W1, W2 Diversify current asset investments. A single modern fleet entails cost-advantages with regard to operations, staff training, maintenance as well as purchase and storage of spare parts.

Social Even though Ryanair is perceived to provide poor customer service, the cheap fares still make it attractive for the budget conscious customer.

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Furthermore, Ryanair protects the 8 community with our efficient, environmentally friendly fleet. Maslow 4. It is vital to have strategic planning as it is the creator for steps for operating decisions.

Prahalad and Gary Hamel Bibliography 1. To provide a background information of organisational structure, their vision, mission and strategic goals. Channels of operation, guidelines to decision making and processing, setting goals and accomplishing targets and direction are provided through the strategic planning as it is a way that company follows to encounter the existing challenges and opportunities. Mission Ryanair seeks to offer low fares that generate increased passenger traffic while maintaining a continues focus on cost-containment and operating efficiencies. Greek debt crisis and unstable European economy negatively affecting future operations. S3, S4, S8, T3, T9 Start new ethical, socially responsible, and positive attitude advertising campaigns. Legal Ryanair is currently involved in quite a few legal battles with cases filed against it and cases filed by it. For example, it takes into account recent global incidents, such as the volcanic eruption in Island or the public turmoil in Libya. It assist business in the decision making process as it lay a strong playing field for the business. Cultural Web It is worth noting that many key value chain activities are outsourced to third-parties in order to significantly increase cost-efficiency, whereas Ryanair favours fixed-prices, hedging and multi-year contracts. Evaluate the strategic leadership of Michael O'Leary. In addition, Ryanair sells advertising space on its planes and charges high fees for services such physical check-in, excess baggage, hotline calls and ticket cancellation.
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