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The first conversation was the icebreaker. Register Today and join them! Our team of business consultants, subject matter experts, and community partners will utilize this technological platform to create a more efficient learning environment for our entrepreneurs.

I provided a plethora of information for Angelique to sort through and she did it perfectly, it's as if she was reading my mind! It is their belief in your credibility that will turn in your favor.


Small Business Development Training Program Encouraging and assisting members of the Houston community to engage in entrepreneurial ventures to further the growth of small businesses within the greater Houston area. It is their belief in your credibility that will turn in your favor. Our staff puts together a full budget, so you can show the bank and investors your current state of affairs. Participants will develop their overall operational budgets to either launch or scale their business. The majority of services, including the private consulting services, are offered for free or for a low cost as the organization is a not-for-profit and is largely supported by patrons and donations. Please plan on arriving no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled workshop to hold your reservation. Modules will include time during each class dedicated to working directly on the business plan. The Small Business Development University program, funded by the National Urban League Entrepreneurship Center, has been a turnkey solution to entrepreneurship for the Houston business development community for over five years. A business plan has an understated benefit.

We create a business plan just for you, including all of the information you need to get your new company up and running. And you will reach your goals with a detailed business plan.

Business Card Exchange Add your business card and marketing materials to an industry-centric table, share your information and find new contacts. Financial Plan The financial Plan classes consist of two modules that provide an in-depth overview of small business accounting, reading and understanding financial statements, pricing allocation models, checks and balances for accounting or bookkeeping staff.

Sean sold me right away with his straight forward approach and intellect.

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I look forward to working with Go Business Plans again. I hope you are able to get your dream off the ground with their help too!

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