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The third person perspective creates an impersonal tone which maintains a formal tone appropriate to the genre. Your students work should be no different in this regard. During the first day, the Design Phase, you will work with your group to design your raft.

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Also includes a blank version, so they can make up their own! The Reports Global Concerns As stated above, your reports will be written individually and you will prepare one report for each phase. Goal of the project This should be specific to each phase; that is, the goal statement should cover what your group set out to accomplish at the beginning of the phase Materials used This should be a thorough list of all materials used during each specific phase.

This is a long term objective, but the teaching of this genre of writing offers ample opportunities for introducing this complex idea.

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This is best achieved by the teacher going through a variety of example sources and modeling the criteria used to select the most valuable among them.

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The Report Writing Pack