Psyc 100 study guide exam 1

Psyc 100 study guide exam 1

If you really need more study time, wake up early the next morning and go through your review materials one more time. But, it is a fact that all exam questions come from material we cover in class, and many ideas that I present in class are not covered in any book. While it is unlikely that we will ever conclusively answer this question, research has provided us with some important insights that will assist you in understanding arguments on both sides of the debate. Was this page helpful? Availability heuristics b. I like to encourage an awareness of the impact of today's psychologists by bringing in news clippings and magazine articles or mentioning TV shows, movies, and web sites with a psychological slant. There are PowerPoint slides that go with my lectures for every class, but I guarantee that passing the course would be very unlikely if you only studied these slides alone without attending class. With good study habits, students can achieve academic success in psychology. This unit will then explore our neurological system especially the structure and functions of neurons as well as parts of the brain. Because psychology is such a diverse field, students may occasionally feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on the subject. Recency effect d.

Memory of what we take in visually d. Echoic memory 4. As you work through this unit, think about the stressors in your life, and the coping mechanisms you use to handle them.

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Next, move on to the material that you are more familiar with for a quick refresher. If you really need more study time, wake up early the next morning and go through your review materials one more time.

This introduction is followed by discussions of theories and findings in different fields of psychology, including Developmental Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Social Psychology, Neuropsychology, Perception, Cognition, Learning, Personality, and Abnormal Psychology.

Clinical psychologists have since refined the field, developing more sophisticated methods for diagnosis and treatment so that clients can maintain a normal lifestyle.

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Episodic memory d. In all likelihood, you will just end up so exhausted and burned out that you won't be able to perform your best on the exam.

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