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With a variety of options available, you will need to have an idea of how to chose between them. Ostensibly, this idea seems pretty intuitive.

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Should PharmaCorp acquire BioHealth? Donham, however, would not back down. True to their name, these building blocks can then be used in modular fashion as component parts of customised priority driven structures. But it has taken a long time to get here, and it may not be enough. The differences which we have already observed between the problem driven structure and framework-based approaches profoundly shape how candidates using those approaches will communicate with their interviewers. The limitations of frameworks Ask any number of consultants how often they use any of the 12 frameworks from Case in Point or any similar system in their daily work. Ostensibly, this idea seems pretty intuitive. Crucially, Cheng's approach does not instruct us as to how to weigh the various factors it identifies against one another. After the war, American business picked up again with renewed strength, and the conversation changed. Perhaps if the history of business education had taken a different path, the pressure to do well by the world would have been coming from the corner office all along. Bridgman says this surprised the group. A candidate can crack all the cases they like, but no consulting firm will give them a job if they can't communicate. Benefits without the costs - Building Blocks At MyConsultingCoach, we fully appreciate the utility which can be derived from this practice of looking at frameworks as examples to be drawn on in a more flexible manner. So what's wrong with these pre-packaged frameworks? There is no explicit way to balance these factors against one another to the end of coming up with a single answer as to whether the acquisition will be advantageous overall.

However, it is a radically different method to the typical one-size-fits-all framework approach. Having taken this approach will also make it easier to supply recommendations in an appropriately structured manner see our articles on client recommendations and the pyramid principle.

In this article, we will take a less involved approach by focussing on explaining why standard "framework" based approaches to case cracking don't work and how the problem driven structure approach tackles cases differently.

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Are frameworks totally useless? A candidate can crack all the cases they like, but no consulting firm will give them a job if they can't communicate. In this regard, problem driven structures are a radical departure from the conventional "framework" based case systems found in Case in Point and similar, old-fashioned sources.

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To give a truly systematic account would thus have required repeating much of the content of our articles on segmentation and the MECE rule, besides others.

The problem driven structure video from MCC academy is included at the start of this article, but you should ideally take the course as a whole to master case cracking.

Takeaway This article has given us a good idea of how problem driven structures apply to cases, as opposed to conventional "framework" approaches.

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The typical NEOS case study includes a problem description, a mathematical formulation, an approach for solving the problem, and an interpretation of the results. In the upheaval, he says, Donham saw the limits of the approach he had championed. They also bring to light the thoughtful debate that shaped the evolution of the case method at HBS. If you find some aspects of this video a bit tough, don't worry - it builds on the material on a previous eight full length videos that come before it in the course. Using a priority-driven structure Ostensibly, Cheng's approach might seem sensible enough. Takeaway The Problem Driven Structure is the case solving tool developed by MyConsultingCoach as a streamlined version of the actual method working consultants use on projects. Cheng's approach does a fine job of generating a list of pros and cons of making the acquisition. A candidate can crack all the cases they like, but no consulting firm will give them a job if they can't communicate.
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Case and Problem Based Learning