Preschool writing activities for space

We paint them gray and add a mini American cupcake flag can be found at Hobby Lobby and other stores. Set out this FREE Constellation book to inspire students to create their own constellations on black paper using start stickers and white crayons!

Let the Theme Planning Begin! Encourage children to draw and write about the things they do and see in the different daytimes.

Preschool space theme dramatic play

And each sturdy page offers helpful prompts for engaging with your child. Let children slowly wake and walk around. Let it dry. Planet Art! Movement Activity Glue a sun and a moon to a craft stick. Retype the story, putting each child's name in parenthesis after their statement. Write the words Night and Day on the board. Preschoolers who are comfortable writing can write their own stories. Once upon a time, some preschool children took a trip in a rocket ship to another planet.

Learn more about it and all our thematic units here. Day and Night Critters Talk about the animals that are active during the day and the animals that sleep during the day.

preschool space theme printables

Let children find Earth. Adding a space theme to your preschool classroom adds so much possibility for creativity and imagination. Print enough copies for each child and one extra for your library! Let your little ones practice using their tossing and eye-hand coordination skills with this!

Continue strengthening those fine motor muscles and have your students make space bracelets! Preschoolers who are comfortable writing can write their own stories.

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15 Amazing Preschool Space Activities