Phil 101 questions

What is the good for humans, according to Aristotle?

Phil 101 questions

What do we mean by "philosophy? Is truth relative, or a matter of opinion?

philosophical questions about death

When was the radical division of soul and body introduced? In what environment did people begin to ask philosophical questions without recourse to ancient myths? What did the Indo-Europeans always do which the Semitic cultures characteristically never did?

Philosophy quiz dichotomy

Include at least two of the various images he used and explain how these images explain the theory. What do we call the position that what exists is at bottom spiritual? How many ways did St. What did they emphasize? Of what was an explanation required regarding the soul and the body? What is wrong with incest? Is morality relative?

What principle was Locke the first to advocate? What were the next four short sentences Sophie was given to think about?

Philosophy questions and answers

What is required in order for democracy to work? How should we distinguish between good and bad scientific theories? Snorri Sturluson's mythology have in common? What did Medieval philosophers take for granted? Do we think with language or pictures? Who did the Epicureans follow? What did Heraclitus c. What does freedom oblige us to do? To what do they all have leanings? Is truth relative, or a matter of opinion? Should we let people commit suicide when they are terminally ill? What happened the more mechanistic the physical world was seen to be? What is friendship and why do we need it? Who said, "Knowledge is power?
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Philosophy Quiz