Pantheon versus parthenon

Final, these architectural building are tribute to the ancient world. With each succeeding conquering entity, the use of the building changed. Well, you write better than many native English speakers with whom I went to high school and college!

Today, the temple lies in ruins. Pantheon vs. While both illustrate geometric precision, they are stylistically different. Or is this only a portion of your paper?

The form difference in parthenon and pantheon

At the end of your first para is a thesis sentence: Each temple is a good example of Greek and Roman architecture respectively. Get Essay Concrete was a Roman invention and came after the Greek civilization. They both come from two different cultures and times but show many similarities in their overall symbolism and meaning. It is currently a Roman Catholic church and a popular tourist attraction. The Doric column is a round plain shaft, but on the Pantheon they are plain by choice. Second, the Pantheon borrows much of its exterior design from traditional Greek temples such as the Parthenon. Only people can be innovative. A fire in the middle of the 3rd century AD destroyed its roof, but it remained a temple to Athena until Theodosius II decreed that all pagan temples should be closed in AD. The eight Corinthian columns that line the front entrance are not as intrusive as the Doric columns of ancient Greece. Most notably, from pagan temple to Catholic church. With each succeeding conquering entity, the use of the building changed.

Usage The Pantheon was originally built as a temple to all the Roman gods. Understanding architecture. An invention of the much later Romans is heavier at the base.

Take the word innovative out of that first paragraph.

parthenon vs acropolis

The front is a barrel vault an arch, repeated endlessly on the central axisattached to the dome. It is said that one can tell plain to fancy by the syllables. That factor has been debated for centuries.

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The Greek Parthenon vs the Roman Pantheon Essay