Pain management thesis

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The data were entered and analyzed in SPSS version Companions do not cooperate adequately and tend to accelerate the pain relief process with pain medication. Over the course of three sessions 20, 25 and 28 Marchdata were collected from the identified patient groups.

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Pain management thesis

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. Child's characteristics such as mood and inefficacy of parents like willful interventions, rejection of nonpharmacological strategies, and lack of cooperation in pain interventions result in nurses' failure in pediatric pain-relief process. The data collection process was continued until data saturation in the last three interviews. There is no onsite provision for major ENT, vascular, cardiothoracics or neurosurgery. To control the conformability of data, the opinions of two research team members, who were experienced in qualitative studies, were used. Similar to this study, Rejeh et al. University of Massachusetts Medical School. To ensure about the accuracy and reliability of data, four criteria namely credibility, confirmability, dependability, and transferability, were used according to Lincoln and Guba's criteria. It is important to understand the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of professionals towards EBP and more specifically how they access research about pain management. Hereby, we extend our gratitude to Tarbiat Modares University for the financial support of this study. Results The five elicited themes of pain management are: Inappropriate organizational structure, inadequate nursing competency, interruption in pain relief activities, individual characteristics of child and parents, and inefficacy of companions.

They also reported the rejection of pain care recommendations by parents and their persistence in using analgesic, [7][17] whereas, He reported parental participation in child care as a determinant factor in using nonpharmacological pain interventions. We recorded patient's demographics, postoperative pain orders, and analgesia regime on the day of surgery.

Moreover, these women want to be alert and energetic enough to care for, interact with, and breastfeed their newborn. EBP tools can facilitate its implementation.

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Authors' contributions All authors contributed equally to the writing of the scientific proposal, data collection, and manuscript drafting.

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"Evidence Based Practice Among Professionals in Pain Management" by Vanitha Arumugam