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It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks.

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Comprehensive and thoughtful. In the Mark Scheme there are no instances where answers are specifically excluded or required. Limited understanding of the subject. The two sermons should be mentioned as well and it could be added that the sermons always consist of advice based on the Quran and Hadith about how to live a righteous life. The paper is marked out of Candidates must attempt Question 1, Question 2 and two other Questions. They need to go on to give a clear explanation of why the task they have selected to discuss was important, what benefit came out of it and perhaps what may have happened had it not been dealt with effectively by Abu Bakr. Al-Husayn died because he resisted the Umayyads as he saw them as corrupt. He was poisoned and died in the year It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks. The candidate demonstrates some factual knowledge, which is fairly accurate and slightly wider than at basic level. Addresses the question confidently and coherently. Candidates could talk about how Islam promotes the concepts of social and economic welfare in society. Facts are reported in basic outline only, often inaccurately, though some credible points are made.

Some may choose Hunayn or Khaybar. The detailed marking schemes are there as suggestions of what might be found in the answer.

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Examiners should use the full range of marks available within the Levels of Response and not hesitate to award the maximum where it is deserved. Candidates could mention that it is a source used when others do not offer guidance, and compares an existing accepted situation with a new one. Good answers will be able to provide a narrative of the lives of these figures and mention important facts from their lives, mentioning incidents that occurred from their relationship, when they happened and what happened. Addresses the question confidently and coherently. And your Lord is most bountiful, 4. Names and dates of the important battles could be given here. Mark schemes must be read in conjunction with the question papers and the report on the examination.

Very limited knowledge of the subject. Some answers may well focus more on Friday congregational prayers and not so much on details of the daily congregational prayers or it could be the other way around.

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Marking Guidelines The following suggested responses serve as a guide only. They should talk about the importance of physical and spiritual support needed by the Prophet.

Why do you think they have done so? The passage reflects upon the natural world and the benefits it holds for them. Created man out of a clot of congealed blood: 3.

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Totally illegible. Concern for others springs from modesty and eliminates many social problems and evils from society which in turn earns the modest person the respect of others. They could also mention why only He should be asked for help e. Candidates could also link to other relevant suras, e. Covers the main points. The better answers will be able to give an insight into the elements of the Hadith by stating that Muslims must not only follow the five pillars sincerely but must also be sensitive to the needs of others and be loyal to the community at large by obeying the leaders etc. No apparent attempt to answer the question set, or a wholly irrelevant response. Seeks to move clearly beyond a purely descriptive approach, demonstrating touches of maturity and a willingness to engage with and discuss the material. Can reason, evaluate and discuss in a thoughtful, mature manner.

Demonstrates sound, detailed and generally relevant and accurate knowledge of the subject matter in great detail. The better answers are likely to discuss that Muslims need to act with sincerity in all aspects of life, be it public or private, as sincerity is the most important part of a Muslims conduct.

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ISLAMIYAT MARK SCHEME for the May/June question paper