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In light of this trend, this thesis seeks to imagine, through architecture, a new kind of American dream: housing for nomads where no one owns anything and people are free to roam around the city.

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The research and design project was initially inspired from the natural amphitheater of Tirana. Scale, The next jump in architectural production proposes an alternative development model that capitalizes on the opportunities embedded within the unprecedented scale of concurrent development taking place in Chongqing. Currently designers lack a framework for understanding how the topology of a knit structure can align with formal and structural motivations. The primary objective of all MIT MArch thesis projects is to refine and expand the fields of architectural discourse and practice Nowadays, many 22 towns and secondary cities in Albania are attempting to carry on strictly relying on survival logic. Thus, mountain tourism - which is growing every year needs careful environmental strategies in order to evolve. However, as recent generations have come to face more and more economic difficulties, a house has, for many, become more of a liability than a dream. Programming the pattern to align with formal motivations requires a quantification of the behavior of each stitch. As a consequence of this, some countries are transformed into global hinterlands, dedicating huge percentages of their land to produce what other countries are demanding for their consumption. The manual studies the spatial character of pathways, areas, and buildings that appear pivotal or are completely invisible in the psychological geography. This thesis proposes to bring the realities of our world - its manufactured and manipulated landscapes - into view, and to accept this as the world that we have to face in the future. Specifically, the health care assistance provided to disabled people is of very poor quality, among others reasons because of the weak network of the building facilities. The academic campus often functions like a city in microcosm, requiring its own services and infrastructure, and having to balance individual identity with a collective sense of place.

Could a landscape and architecture-scale approach that directly addresses the Great Heart—and with it its mythologized image—serve to address immediate economic and water problems for the larger region of Holland?

We are isolated from the Agent Orange-affected population because we have grown dependent on curated images found in popular media and the images of the Vietnam War do not include this population.

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Historically, train stations are known as a starting point for a traveler who is leaving a town or as the first place when he enters into a city. It presents data analysis and co-design work that drove the development, field prototyping, and evaluation of appropriate, implementable building solutions to improve thermal conditions in affordable housing in hot and arid climates.

Citizen protest, Mexico. Traditional printed media afford limited potential for experiencing atmosphere. At the same time, Hong Kong is transitioning towards an economy driven by retail and real estate powered by a new private public regime of supplying mobility through its integrated rail property regime.

Yet despite our advanced technology, our bodies remain legitimate. The emphasis on two faces also creates the effect of flatness, challenging the three-dimensional quality of objects by defining them with twodimensional figures.

Frequencies layer on one another to create an entire sonic composition, so must the gradients blend together to bring architecture into being.

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Scale, The next jump in architectural production proposes an alternative development model that capitalizes on the opportunities embedded within the unprecedented scale of concurrent development taking place in Chongqing. Therefore, the research aims to raise awareness on such aspects, and offer a case study of a design and de 14 velopmental model. Despite the various opinions on the future campus, the value of physical social interaction remains the primary method of incubating ideas. The square was designed with the multifunctional theme in mind, as the amount and mutual interaction of areas intended to obtain a high level of 50 multi-polar functioning, able to reflect and present the complexity of urban reality in clear opposition to the opportunities offered by an endless, impartial and homogeneous space. In this case, creating a series of flexible spaces that could be re-organized according to the functional needs of such an institution was the key point in the design of the whole space. Initially, the student studies and develops additional knowledge through the process of reading itself. In these new towns, public life exists within these interiors.
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