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Much like the nicknames of Thai people with whom the Lao share a great deal of cultural similarity , the names are often unflattering, although some are based on onomatopoeia, nonsense syllables, or peculiar characteristics. Similar to Thai, it is a tonal language with six tones meaning that words or syllables with similar sound have a different meaning depending on the high, low, rising, falling or level tone or pitch of the sound. Like other Southeast Asian scripts, its deep origin lies in Indian scripts, most remotely the Brahmi script and later the Pallava script of Southern India. Each vowel determines its placement eg. The Khom script used in Thailand is very similar to the aksar khom and aksar mul forms of modern Cambodian script which are used for titles of publications, etc. For the most part the dialects are mutually comprehensible and Thais can understand Lao and the Lao can understand Thai. Traditional punctuation marks include an obsolete mark indicating silenced consonants; used to indicate repetition of the following word; the Lao ellipsis that is also used to indicate omission of words; a more or less obsolete symbol indicating shortened form of a phrase such as royal names ; and used to indicate et cetera. The French did not pay much attention to the kingdom of Lan Xang but established a counsulate in present-day Luang Prabang.

This is not meant to show the order of the consonants as they would appear in a dictionary. When the Pathet Lao took power in there were four main spelling systems.

The Lao alphabet is therefore essentially the same as the modern Thai alphabet, the most obvious difference being in the shape or style of the letters.

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The orthography of vernacular texts written in the Tham script is much less ambiguous than, for example, that of the modern Central Thai writing system. When coming back, step on the frog.

Laos writing

Vowel diacritics with k. The significance of this arrangement becomes evident when we remember that Lao is a tonal language and that there must be some way for the writing system to indicate the tone of a syllable.

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