Kaupapa maori theory and critical theory essay

The findings, beyond their intrinsic value, will shape the survey for Phase Two: the draft questionnaire will be developed based on the key themes emerging from the qualitative interview data. Baxter and J.

Rangahau methodology

Workforce development and capacity building represent important ways in which the project can give something back to communities. Establishment of these bonds means that each party is committed to upholding the mana of the other, and that to act in a way that diminishes the mana of the other violates the principles of whanaungatanga. McCreanor, T. The collaborative and reciprocal nature of the research process has been in evidence at all stages of the project. Furthermore, much research has simply been descriptive, without contributing to change. In acknowledging their validity and relevance it also allows spiritual and cultural awareness and other considerations to be taken into account. Fitzgerald, E. Cram, R. McCreanor, J. Walker, R. Tobias and M. Through conducting the interviews and reviewing the tape-recordings, interviewers had begun to analyse the information that was being collected and to identify many of the key themes emerging. Easton B.

Cram, F. Witten, K. Another important consideration is the personal tapu of the researchers and the potential for this to be affected through conducting the research Edwards et al.

kaupapa maori theory transforming theory in aotearoa

Robson, M. Kelsey, J. This necessitates creating opportunities for those people to know enough about the study and its investigators to be able to develop a level of trust.

kaupapa maori psychology

Tolich ed. The study interviewers were chosen based primarily on qualities unrelated to previous research or interviewing experience.

As a consequence, the interviewers were more familiar with the structure and content of the interview guide, and the guide better reflected the key issues as perceived by them, and thus was more likely to be understood and used effectively.

kaupapa maori theory is critical and anti colonial
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