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Just read on! Cascio,p. Introduction to General Arrangement GA 4 2. The main challenges are given by the dynamics of the application of scientific-technical, the rapid emergence and acceptance of new products, increasing restrictions on Human Resources, material and financial resources, more aggressive and dynamic internationally markets, gains the growth of social demands and the revolution in information Profile.

Plus a credit for me, I can gain knowledge read the doas and understand it. Acknowledgement Page Gratitude or thanks to those who contributed to the success of your industrial training in one way or another is being express on the acknowledgement page.

By the past, it affords the student an opportunity to witness practically what they have read in books i.

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Moreover, this page enables the reader to easily know and find the exact pages of a particular topic or activity of interest without having to read the entire report. Design activity is therefore cyclic or iterative in nature, whereas analysis problem solving is primarily sequential. T programme. In the course of the introduction to architectural and structural drawing the following building types based on given criteria were identified; TYPE OF BUILDINGS In terms of structural framing, a building can be categorized as: a A framed building and b A non-framed building Framed Buildings A framed building consists of slabs carried by the beams, which are in turn supported by the columns. Figure 3. However, this is my first time building an android application without any knowledge and experience before this. Alamoyo, Engr. Fresh cube was filled with concrete to be tested in 3 layers and kept in the room. T Place and carried out your course related activities. Below is the cart of Rukun and Wajib Haji: Figure 3. So as beginner to android, it took time to be good in building android application.

Experience has shown that very coarse sharp sand develops early strength but relapses later. Figure 3. Indeed, it is hard to talk about technical skill-sets or the practical application of such skill-sets without at least some underlying understanding of their context within a computer operating system environment.

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Advantage, Disadvantage and Suggestion for Task Improvement These tasks help to learn on how to organise or classified information according to the suitable function.

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Industrial Training Report: Box Printing Industries