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Roach, the editors, cut the film so it was under two hours long. Outside the gang members' house, Walt confronts them for the shootout and raping of Sue, causing the neighbours to come out and observe the confrontation.

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Not only are the montages opposites of each other, they are opposites to the movie that they are both in. Thao admits to trying to steal his Gran Torino. They got a case of dead wife on their hands. At the reading of Walt's will, it's revealed that Walt left his house to the church, and his Gran Torino to Thao, much to the disappointment and puzzlement of Walt's family. The shop, founded in , in a space now occupied by another business, moved to its current location, west of its original location, in Walt interrupts the robbery, pointing a rifle in Thao's face and forcing him to flee. Thao, still with Walt's Silver Star pinned to his shirt, glares at Spider and Smokie as they are loaded into police cars. On the surface, both movies are about bitchy old men, but in the larger scopes of both movies, there is an over arcing theme of how different individuals, particularly the elderly deal with issues of grief and loss. No wonder their husbands are PMSing all the time. Louisa Schein, author of Hmong Actors Making History Part 2: Meet the Gran Torino Family, said before the end of production that "some of the lines actors ad-libbed in Hmong on camera will be tricky to translate back for subtitles. Even at 78, Eastwood can make 'Get off my lawn' sound as menacing as 'Make my day', and when he says 'I blow a hole in your face and sleep like a baby', he sounds as if he means it". It seemed really untrue to me. When a Hispanic gang confronts Thao, the Hmong gang, led by Thao's older cousin Spider Doua Moua , helps Thao by frightening the Hispanic gang and forcing them to flee. If not, check it out below. And so that bothered me.

Everyone has seen the beginning scenes of Up. Why do this? A shot of Walt lying dead on the ground reveals he had grabbed his 1st Cavalry Division Zippo lighter, not a gun.

They got a case of dead wife on their hands.

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On the other hand, fatherhood and strength are themes that reinforce the stereotype. However, Mitch and Karen say they are too busy to talk to him. After a few days, Spider and his gang return. Walt confronts Smokie, second-in-command in the Hmong gang, at the gang's house, and beats him up in retaliation. He buys a new tailored suit. Kowalski,' but Walt is now open to Janovich calling him by his first name. They got a case of dead wife on their hands. Knowing that Mitch and Karen just want to get their hands on his house, Walt growls in anger and throws them out; gifts, cake and all. Janovich had talked the sergeant into sending them on a stakeout, because he believes Walt will bring Thao there for a shootout confrontation with the gang.

Therefore, the actors of Gran Torino improvised the Hmong used in the film. This is The Gauntlet. It seemed really untrue to me.

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Gran Torino and Up are the same movie (Spoilers in Here)