Gau mutra business plan

gau mutra business plan

According to the minister, several leading companies dealing with Ayurvedic medicines are procuring cow urine at Rs 4 per litre from the state at present.

The government will help build these new cow shelters with proper sheds and boundary walls and a committee under the district collector is being set up to maintain them with help of NGOs and public.

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Every day, the go shala collects litres of gomutra cow urinewhich is then sent to a distillation unit next door where it is filtered, bottled and then shipped across the country in bottles priced between Rs 20 and Rs The site, which retails a range of products, gets 40 per cent of its revenue from cow urine.

Beyond Indian shores The demand for gomutra — whether as a medicine, a face pack or a floor cleanser — is rising even beyond Indian shores. Spoilt for choice? Maybe we could all buy some gau mutra and spray it collectively so that acche dins can come faster.

Cow urine is considered holy and has the power to eliminate all negative effects. There are other sites that have been set up specifically to sell cow by-products. In Julythe Centre set up a member panel, including three members linked to the RSS and VHP, to carry out what it said will be scientifically validated research on cow derivatives including urine, and their benefits, according to an inter-departmental circular and members of the panel.

It is used while performing sacrifices Yagya and used as pesticide in garden or farm. New cow-shelters in urban areas will result in better sanitation and less incidents of cows dying due to eating plastic.

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Cow urine has become a booming business in India and this is how!