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He lives with his wife and four little foxes.

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Fox runs into his friend Badger and asks him to accompany him on his mission, as well as to extend an invitation to the feast to the other burrowing animals - Badger and his family, as well as the Moles, the Rabbits and the Weasels - to apologize for getting them caught up in the farmers' hunt. Boggis, Bunce and Bean hide in the forest near the fox family's hole. Fox, but are outwitted. Guidelines for Philosophical Discussion By Jayme Johnson Fantastic Mr Fox is a thrilling story of one brave father fox's attempts to keep his family safe and fed. And when the three farmers are intent on killing Mr. A fact about Mr. Why do you think so? My least favourite part is when the bad people keep on digging down in the soil to capture Mr Fox and his family in his own home. The Fox family runs into Mr. Each night, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean try to kill Mr. Fox invites everyone to live in a secret underground neighbourhood with him and his family, where he will hunt for them daily and where none of them will need to worry about the farmers any more.

Is there any other reason to think that the heist was morally ok? Fox's response?

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Fox says they are only stealing to feed their children and stay alive. You can buy this book on Amazon. They then decide to surround Mr.

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Fox devises a plot to acquire food. Fox is all this stealing doesn't bother him, he is worried that what they are doing is wrong.

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