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preschool classroom observation essay

The student can see the tools the instructor is using to support their lesson and how effective these resources are. Some of the different examples of what students can observe in the high school classroom can be found on the students structured observation checklist.

Cash labeled everything to keep the classroom neat and organized.

classroom observation example

She has a class of about thirty so students but as of recently many of her students are moving away and changing school districts. The academic lessons I watched with Mrs. You have clearly developed a format where students participate in"authentic" discussion and understand theiraccountability to that discussion and to their peers.

While in observation, the student observer can see where the instructor is trying to guide their students depending on the questions they ask. There are more boys than girls in the classroom as well.

elementary classroom observation essay

The technology used throughout the lesson was a digital camera, internet search, and power point.

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Classroom Observation Essay Example