E banking in bangladesh

Future trends of e banking in bangladesh

Microchips embedded Smart Card is also becoming popular in the country, particularly for utility bill payment. February 12, October 28, Today, information and communication technology has become the heart of banking sector and banking industry is at the heart of every robust economy. In our country different banks are offering electronic banking services in different ways, some are offering ATM Automatic Teller Machine services, some are tele-banking and some are electronic fund transfer, debit card, credit card etc. This money is in the form of cheques, drafts, etc. The online banking facility has been provided by the large number of commercial banks. Banking industry in Bangladesh Total numbers of Banks in Bangladesh are forty seven. The country had only about , credit card holders at the end of June last year, according to Bangladesh Bank Payments and transactions by credit cards were nearly Tk11 billion in June one of the lowest in the world. Guangying, H.

Mini Statement 6. Development of any country mainly depends upon the banking system. Ebanking makes finance economically possible: I.

Most of them do not offer wide range of internet banking facilities which is the main advantages of e-banking. E-banking is a form of banking where funds are transferred through an exchange of electronic signals between financial institution, rather than exchange of cash, cheeks or other negotiable instruments.

IT Auditors without relevant banking knowledge is also an issue. In the figure IFI1 measures the value of the index if we consider the bank branch only.

E banking in bangladesh

Finally, the development of e-banking service has encouraged the adoption of a decentralized approach to give banks more needed flexibility to distribute Internet access to a much larger number of employees and potential customers. E-banking services have been available in Bangladesh since Meanwhile, Bangladesh has joined the information super-highway by connecting itself with international submarine cable system in Bank management should give special attention to this issue. Mini Statement 6. The objective of this program is to prepare students in such a manner so as to equip them with accounting and financial skills, competence in to depth knowledge of business administration so as to enable them to meet any challenging situation and to work with the competence in the competitive business environment. In Southeast Asia, internet banking is also developing rapidly in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore and to a lesser extent in Philippines Mia et. That shows a moderate increase from previous year 7, The reason for the lack of complete adoption of e banking in developing countries like Bangladesh is an important research work. The services have a wide range that includes cash flow services, distribution banking and salary accounts.

Sonali 11 and Agrani bank ltd. This paper also tries to present actual situation of ebanking in the marketing point of view in Bangladesh. Advances in Global Business Research. Financial Services Security Lab Background Work is underway to cover the rest of the upazilas under digital exchange system.

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Again, there was limited secondary literature available on the topic that restricted me to explore the sector related to it. The other benefits are possible to measure in monetary terms. However, budget for security, training and audit was very poor in last five years.

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Electronic Banking in Bangladesh