Demerits of present education system in india

It teaches to analyse our strengths and weaknesses consistently. For yearno Indian university made it to this list.

Competition teaches students to unleash their full potential.

indian education system advantages disadvantages wikipedia

A Second positive aspect is focused on theoretical knowledge. Lets talk about these problems. This casts doubts about the motives of the people who put up these institutions. There is lesser focus on physical education and sports, and more focus on studying all day long.

Self-help books and biographies of successful persons should be a part of the syllabus. This reason makes most of the students, move away from taking education related jobs or academe.

There are flipsides too.

Demerits of present education system in india

The total literacy percentage in India is A major feature of adult education in India is that courses are given in native language too. They are satisfied to get high paying jobs without the ambition to actually be a good citizen.

Till the time the perks associated with teaching are not high, the people associated with the teaching profession will be of mediocre class.

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Present Education System in India