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A woman was expected to be a wife, a mother, a cook, a maid, and sexually obedient to men. The reader can feel sympathy for the characters and others during this time period and learn a lot about harm inflicted on and in the black community. She even shows her a little purple frog perched on the mantlepiece, carved for her by her husband Albert. During her adolescent years, she was repeatedly raped and sweared at by her stepfather. While racial equality is more visible now than ever, just decades ago people lived very different lives just because of the color of their skin. When Nettie runs away, Mr. Both tales depict these women as underdogs who overcome obstacles to realize her full potential at the end. Being seem like a awful strain. This novel demonstrates the everyday hardships that were placed on blacks, and how they battled to overcome them. By the end of the novel, Celie is a mature adult in charge of a business, a house and her own life. Celie eventually gained a sense of independence when journeying an exultant path of self discovery; here Celie realized she was an endowed, proud woman trapped inside an oppressed girl. When he think he got five yard he tare it off. Celie explains to Mr. It is also Nettie who Celie looks to for education when her father pulls her out of school, and for support when she moves in with Mr. Slavery created the perception of Black inferiority; sexism traces back to the beginning of Western tradition.

This shows an example of the stereotype how whites treated blacks differently. Women living in this black community got mentally, physically, and sexually abused by their fathers, husbands, and other men.

But she can work like a man. Remaining a large part of the black community, violence affected Sofia, Celie, and many other African Americans. If someone acted like this in a store nowadays, most people would leave right away.

He try to slap her. It takes a women who has nothing to speak of going for her and who is a victim to the world, and it takes her to a place where she is a strong individual who can voice her own opinions about things without people telling her what to do.

A careful analysis of the novel will reveal several themes, symbols and motifs woven-in by the author.

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She has acquired a deeper awareness of spirituality and a wider understanding of the nature of God and most importantly she loves and is loved in return. Continuing with the narrative techniques, Robyn R.

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