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Utah State University Press. However, many researchers and scholars in the field of writing assessment recognize that not quite enough research has been done on this topic to negate the concerns that come with this clarification.

Cognitive Theory One of the most influential cognitive models of proficient writing was first proposed by Hayes and Flower In other word, assessment should be questioned and examined prior to implementing or accepting of results. As a student works through mastery on a given criterion, she can move toward mastering each unit of the writing project at her own pace.

Then, as with the Composition II sample, I ran a simple linear regression using the rubric associated with the writing portfolio.

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Rubrics in the Ll Classroom 2. I discovered the SPR soon before I moved into a position teaching a general population of high school juniors and seniors in a rural school district stricken by poverty and lack of resources.

Shohamy, E. The third study of rubric use at the college or graduate level of instruction compared college students' attitudes toward writing assessment in three sections of a writing intensive course in which assessment rubrics varied in "the extent of elaboration and emphasis on Bobko, P.

Especially with second language L2 writers, writing in English is a challenging task.

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