Chemistry final exam study guide

Nc chemistry final exam study guide

Go back and look over your notes from class and look at the study guide. Be able to calculate the total pressure of a gas mixture given its partial pressures, or given information for calculating partial pressures. There may not be enough time to completely learn every concept at this point, but you may be able to understand aspects much better, which could boost your performance. In general, the more information provided on the exam, the more the professor is testing your understanding of the material, rather than your memorization of basic facts, an important clue in where to focus your studying efforts. By Peter J. Chemistry is problem-solving, which is a skill you need to learn by doing. And be sure to review your test, quizzes, and graded assignments as you get them back.

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice in this list. Be aware of your time, and stay positive.

10th grade chemistry final exam study guide

Another helpful tactic is to prioritize things you already have a partial grasp of and try to strengthen your skills and understanding.

More studying tips.

Chemistry final exam study guide spring 2019

Understand how a barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure and how a manometer is used to measure the pressure of an enclosed gas. Will the formulas you need be available? Be able to distinguish between hexagonal close packing and cubic close packing. Spend the bulk of your time on the stuff you know will be on the test. Study smarter, not harder Science has shown over and over again that simply rereading your notes is just about the single worst way to study. Know the conditions at STP. Before you begin studying, determine which concepts from the unit are going to be on the test. Also, eat breakfast if the test is in the morning, and eat lunch if the test is in the afternoon.

Recognize and differentiate between strong acids, weak acids, strong bases and weak bases. Then you can spend the last few weeks of the semester reviewing the material that you find particularly challenging.

chemistry final exam study guide answer key pdf

Almost always yes. Instead, bring your confidence on the day of the exam to stay focused on your work.

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