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It all depends on the quality of the shredder and how the operator uses the shredder machine. To keep it running this way you need to perform maintenance every once in a while.

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An auto feed paper shredder has an input tray that is quite similar as that of an office printer or copier. The key to negotiating a contract in your favor is first to identify the supplies you buy most often in terms of dollars spent. The shredded cardboard can be used as packaging material or you can bale the material which you can sell to a recycling facility. For example, instead of buying paper in sheet packs, consider buying a case of 5, sheets. Back to top Shredder maintenance How do you maintain and clean your paper shredder? But keep in mind that a document shredder is made for shredding paper and not for shredding high volumes of cardboard. Only heavy-duty or industrial paper shredders are powerful enough to shred through sheets of corrugated cardboard. To reduce the nuisance as much as possible you can consider placing the shredder in a closed of area, such as a storage space or the archive area in your office. Keep your shredder clean Make sure you keep your document shredder clean from dust a small pieces of paper. The shredder can have a dedicated CD slot to shred the optical media. Please refer to the manual for instructions on how to oil your shredder. For recycling it is important to find out if the shredder comes with a separate container to catch the plastic parts.

The amount of paper you can shred per session depends on the shredder. But if you are shredding multiple times a day it can be quite annoying to turn on nad off the shredder every time. But if you want to go heavy-duty on staples and paperclips be sure that the shredder can really take care of it without you damaging the blades.

For shredding a small pile of documents this is fine, but if you need to shred thousands of documents, this might not be very convenient and efficient.

For example, instead of buying paper in sheet packs, consider buying a case of 5, sheets. These safety features are recommended for personal home users and professional office users. What brand shredder should you choose?

For your safety and that from others you might consider a paper shredder that comes with special safety features that prevents possible injuries.

You grab another pile of paper and shred it, and so on.

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These shredders take care of the oiling process all by itself. Consider the quality of the items that you are purchasing.

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