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These companies are generalist in nature and do not focus on a niche market. By using its own intuitive descriptive part numbering system, and working closely with customers when they order custom parts, the company can ensure customers consistently receive exactly what they need when they need it.

ZAGO fasteners can be produced in a wide variety of metals including stainless steel and steel alloys, titanium, brass and monel.

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They are founding Acme to formalize the consulting services they offer. Industry competition comes in several forms, the most significant being companies that choose to do business development and market research in-house. Acme should be managed by working partners, in a structure taken mainly from Smith Partners.

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The main products ZAGO is known for are self-sealing high-tech fasteners and sealing switch boots. The pricing fits with the general positioning of Acme as providing high-level expertise.

The company does not anticipate any cash flow problems arising. In the beginning we assume partners.

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Acme Consulting's advantage over such companies as these is that Acme provides high level consulting to help integrate market research data with the companies goals. Insight ZAGO — high-tech fasteners and components 09 August US-based ZAGO Manufacturing Company Inc opened 25 years ago and has quickly positioned itself as a key manufacturer and supplier for contaminant-free high-tech fasteners and components — using its custom production facility.

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