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Personal Income taxes are levied by the central government.

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KMM Members Solvent companies No need of creditors meeting Liquidator appointed by the member No committee of inspection can be formed. In such cases, persons responsible for making payment of income are responsible to deduct tax at source and deposit the same amount to the governments treasury in the fixed time.

Consideration must be real and not illusory. Certain sum of money. Suit for damages. Undue influence. Acc to sec 23 ,the object and consideration of an agreement shall be unlawful if: 1. Fiduciary relationship: c. Slide c Appointment of directors by the board: The directors of a company may appoint directors As Additional Directors Sec.

An offer may be conditional but the conditions must be clearly communicated. Acceptance must be communicated to the offeror.

Consideration-lawful consideration with lawful object. Contracts contingent upon happening or non happening of a specified event within a fixed time.

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