Black body radiation essay

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A black body radiates energy at all frequencies, but its intensity rapidly tends to zero at high frequencies short wavelengths. Reprinted with the author's permission.

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None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. Real objects never behave as full-ideal black bodies, and instead the emitted radiation at a given frequency is a fraction of what the ideal emission would be.

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Black body radiation essay

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It was this particular test model of a black-body radiation on which the experimental investigations to verify thermal radiation laws were carried out and temperature Planck formula was established quantitatively.

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A major problem facing scientists in the s was to explain blackbody radiation. Like a metal, it will conduct an electric current, but nowhere near as efficiently. It was Kirchhoff who took first two steps in this direction. Some, like glass, seem to absorb light hardly at all—the light goes right through. At even higher temperature, the objects actually glow, like the heating element of toaster or red-hot electric stove burner. So, any light undergoes multiple reflection inside the sphere, actually, cannot exit through the hole. Their results would tell us much about the thermal history of the Universe.
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Black Body Radiation Essay