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Wherever you go in life, there you are. That's when you find out who you really are. Life is about discoveries, it doesn't help anyone to be stuck. Days where it's gray and cloudy.

Well, then maybe these lessons can teach you something anyway. Wherever you are, whatever your circumstance, make the most of it, give your best effort at that moment, and you will make an impact.

She was right.

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Since then, I've found this advice to be useful in both my personal and professional life. No wonder, then, that people are so quick to seek — and offer — counsel. But seeing something significant through to completion takes perseverance. Building a relationship with negative emotions allows me to feel and not run away from them. However, starting January 15 , , NYC adoptees 18 years or older can have access to their original long-form vault copy birth certificate. That's when you find out who you really are. Beth, 19 - "It's OK to cry, but only for a little while. Business is a team sport and every employee is important to the success of a company. A little kindness from a friend will get you to the next day. You see, my dad was born with only 6 fingers. My therapist made me realize that it's my mindset that has to change and my overall outlook on my natural abilities to succeed. But fatigue, discomfort, and discouragement are merely symptoms of effort. Seeing the change you helped shepherd will be enough reward in itself.

Luck comes from hard work.

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