An analysis tourist satisfaction of benefit

Hui, D.

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Therefore, administra- into consideration. Wanhill, J. A total of ques- a concept of BI is employed [19]. This program is called the ter for tourists.

Significance of tourist satisfaction

It has been argued as well in literature on tourism that satisfaction can be the result of the value perceived by the tourist in the place [ 4 ]. For in- ities which related to stance, tourists may use technologies and tourist support tools to avoid inconvenience in their trips. In the accommodation attribute, all on tourist satisfaction. Chaowarat, H. The ancillary service and ac- how attractive tourism area is. Noe and M. In this situation, not using are natural and cultural attractions, for navigator is meaningful inconvenience. This preliminary analysis confirmed the existence of each of the dimensions from previous analyses. Pearson Education, Then relationship among in neighboring countries.

Besides cross border kind of the motivations are discussed. The importance of the study mad: Backpacker Travel in Theory and Prac- goes beyond the fact that serving good ser- tice. In this paper, the relation- parks, and cultural activities tours.

An analysis tourist satisfaction of benefit

In this regard, a good cognitive perception of the qualities and features of the place could improve the attainment of functional benefits by the tourist. The functional benefit perceived through the tourist destination has a direct positive effect on tourist satisfaction. This preliminary analysis confirmed the existence of each of the dimensions from previous analyses. Nevertheless, even though there is extensive literature that analyses satisfaction, there is no final consensus regarding which factors determine tourist satisfaction in a destination. However, sometimes providing too Accommodation much convenience may not be what tourists need. It has been revealed that different factors can create optimum levels of satisfaction; in a sense, they are directly linked to the tourist [ 7 ] and on the other hand, to the environment of the destination [ 8 ]. Tourist satisfaction Specialized literature has revealed that satisfaction is a subjective opinion based on the assessment by the tourist after living different experiences in a place [ 22 ].

Cognitive perception of the tourist destination: symbolic benefit perceived Based on the assessment of its qualities, a good cognitive perception of the destination is very important to have a positive effect on the symbolic benefit for the tourist.

From this perspective, self-concept has tour different aspects: actual, ideal, social and ideal social [ 37 ].

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