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Getting the ball to him was difficult, especially because they wanted him to remain in focus. The thrill of the grass. Kinsella said that when he read the screenplay for the first time, he cried at its beauty, hoping Robinson could translate the words and emotions onto film. For Ray, if he doesn't build the field, he's his father. Robinson had created a temp track which was disliked by Universal executives. And he still sees the film about six or seven times a year because he knows that will help with his residual check. And maybe have a good cry.

Lawrence Gordon worked for 20th Century Foxpart of the time as its president, and repeatedly mentioned that the book should be adapted into a film. Finally, back at the farm, the game itself is redeemed, and a long-ago off-the-field injustice is righted where it should be: on the diamond.

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For Ray, if he doesn't build the field, he's his father. But he did make changes. Running time: minutes.

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Shot 14 in particular, in which Ray exits the frame entirely and re-enters at the sound of the voice, reveals the camera to be a narrator with omniscient knowledge. One is Shoeless Joe Jackson, the greatest member of the Chicago White Sox team that threw the World Series, and Ray understands that if he builds that baseball diamond, Shoeless Joe will come back to play. His dad didn't follow his dreams, although we know that that's because he brought up his son alone. Because the shooting schedule was too short for grass to naturally grow, the experts on sod laying responsible for Dodger Stadium and the Rose Bowl were hired to create the baseball field. Damon was 17 years old and Affleck turned 16 during the summer of , when the film shot on location for the scenes in Fenway Park. It was Jones' wife who convinced him to accept the role of Terence Mann in the first place, though she warned him that the " long speech about baseball will never be in the film, it'll be on the cutting-room floor. It remains a popular tourist attraction too, attracting thousands of visitors a year. Moonlight turns out to be an elderly Main Street hero, and Ray helps to satisfy his last unfulfilled desire. I'd have hated to have written that scene. Happily, all the efforts paid off. That said, he didn't have much time to fit the movie in, as he was due on the set of Tony Scott's Revenge in August , and cameras didn't start rolling on Field Of Dreams until the end of May ' Cross the line on the field to the farm, and it's over. But then a funny thing happened.

Field Of Dreams, for all its fantasy elements? So, my next choice was Burt because Burt was an enormous movie star and also had been an athlete in his youth. It helped him access the necessary emotions.

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Sneakers: the finest crime caper movie of the s? In many ways, that makes it even worse for me. He got back in time to play catch with Costner.

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