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Here she is on the road, in a bar in Oklahoma, facing down a troublemaker: " 'You got anything to eat that costs less than a dollar? Lou Ann and Taylor realize that Turtle's name is actually April when she responds to the world, and decide that Turtle is good enough for a nickname, but she should actually be called April. Hoge had died and her daughter-in-law had lost over one hundred pounds. No, not after Taylor Swift. She confronts prejudice, trauma, self-abnegation, chauvinism, and always, always has the right attitude. Taylor does not see this, for when Angel returns she is at Dr. Even those characters who have escaped true torture have experienced how people can be cruel to one another. She buys a Volkswagen and embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery, leaving everything behind, including her name. But the mother says it was the best trade she ever made; she thinks Taylor hung the moon "and plugged in all the stars. Later, they are subjected to physical torture because they try to protect their rights. For a little while, things look pretty grim. She rents a cabin nearby-ish at a spot called Lake o' the Cherokees, and she, Turtle, Estevan, and Esperanza enjoy their final day together. But it's a novel, so you know positive movement early on ain't gonna last. The other characters are purified to types as well: Mattie is wise, tough and unfailingly moral; Estevan is sweet, intelligent and, for a victim, almost impossibly noble.

Anyway, the two drive west until two flat tires take them off the road for good in Tucson, Arizona. The year-old author of "The Bean Trees" grew up in rural Kentucky, the daughter of a country doctor who was sometimes paid by his patients with squashes and melons.

Lou Ann's mother is bigoted against her children's minority spouses.

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It's the place she pulled into when her tires went, and I only have space to report that there are, of course, intricate comic subplots connected with the name of the place and the dangers of overinflated tires.

If you can't tell, it's kind of a big deal. In contrast to Taylor, Lou Ann is passive, a chronic worrier, and has very little self-esteem. In The Bean Trees, a person gets the rewards of family because she wants to be a part of a family.

Happy ending, right? Um, what? Because a social worker becomes involved in the case, it is discovered that Taylor has no legal right to Turtle and could lose her to the state if relatives are not found.

Estevan and Taylor muse about the status of illegal immigrants, wondering how a person could be "illegal. Estevan and Esperanza want to help Taylor find Turtle's family, so the group decides to stick together for a little while.

Luckily, Edna has a cane and uses it to whack the perpetrator, setting Turtle free.

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Even Bob Two Two's garage has been shut down. The trouble with doing that is if you use yourself up it's hard to write the next book.

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