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Background At the level of individual use, both legal alcohol, tobacco and illegal amphetamine, cannabis, and cocaine psychotropics have a well-documented, short- and long-term impact on young people's health.

Historically, males have tended to receive more stimulants, "but the sex gap has narrowed, and SSRI prevalence by sex was approximately equal between males and females in " [[ 14 ], p.

The factor connecting the substance use and antisocial behavior disorders was labeled externalization, to describe the propensity to express distress outwards that unites these disorders. Although there is a lot of literature on pattern of psychotropic prescription in adults, there is very little of it on children, particularly from India.

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Although the use of psychotropic medication in preschool-aged children compared with older youths is relatively small, the reports cited argue for additional assessment to more systematically estimate its use. Nonstimulant medications were more often used along with stimulant medications and were frequently prescribed in association with ADHD after controlling for other disorders.

Table 5: Number of psychotropics prescribed versus comorbidity Click here to view Risperidone was prescribed in Some antidepressants sertraline and fluvoxamine have been approved for OCD but not depression in school-age children [[ 5 ]p.

However, commentators have argued that prescribing is influenced by five myths: 1 children are little adults; 2 children have no reason to develop depression or anxiety; 3 psychiatric disorders are the same across adults and children; 3 children can be prescribed lower doses of the same drug; 5 drugs are preferable to alternative treatments and are more successful.

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Finally, research into the diagnostic validity of psychological disorders in children is likely to continue. Why do psychiatric drug research in children? Proprietary Rights. The pathways are difficult to discern because parental disorders are "part of a complex cluster of risk factors [[ 30 ], p. The authors concluded the abuse potential of MPH should be considered when prescriptions are made and MPH abuse "must be viewed as a public health problem [[ 50 ] , p. Furthermore, sometimes psychotropics are prescribed later in the course of treatment. In their review, Kessler et al. Many mental illnesses begin in childhood or early adulthood, warranting a treatment of some kind. This is clearly an important area for future research and "a major priority in designing national suicide prevention strategies" p. Psychiatric disorders are the same across adults and children Although the phenomenology of depression appears to be similar in adolescents when compared to adults, key differences in symptomatology exist [ 37 ]. This is an emerging discipline: "pediatric or developmental pharmacogenetics is essentially at a neonatal stage [[ 22 ], p. High rates of psychotropic prescription have been found in some other studies. For example, informed consent is more difficult to achieve in the presence of cognitive immaturity, parents' protective roles may be influenced by the emotional state of the child, coercion may exist from parents or indirectly via high financial reimbursements, placebos discussed below may need to be administered "to determine effective treatment when no or poor evidence base" [[ 17 ], p.

Speed, Ecstasy, Ritalin: The science of amphetamines.

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The impact of prescribed psychotropics on youth