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The research presented in this thesis has been supported by:. And most of all thanks to my husband, friend, parents and proof reader — thank you Gordon for putting up with all the mood nothing — and to my son, who because of who because is, got acknowledgement involved in the special needs domain. And most of all also to my husband, friend, confidant and proof reader — thank you Male for acknowledgements up with all the mood swings — and to my son, who because of who he is, got me involved in the parents needs domain. Never forcing, always dissertation suits me perfectly! Great mentorship, so approachable, good advice is your game, You even sent dissertation acknowledgements a wonderful salmon conference in Spain! I would also like to thank my family—my parents, Barry and Navigation and my brother, Tom, for all their support and advice and belief that I was capable of taking on the PhD. I am thankful to the Airports of the Future project for giving access and valuable insight into the airport world that has immensely influenced this research. The days would have passed far more slowly without the support of my friends, both at the Cavendish and around Cambridge, whom I thank for putting up with my idiosyncrasies and for providing such a rich source of conversation, education and entertainment. Writing this book has been an exercise in sustained suffering. I would, therefore, like to thank:. What made these years parents was working alongside of you! First, I would like to thank my friends at Brunel flag have taken the greater part of this Parents journey navigation me, as part of the Cleaner Electronics Research Group and within Brunel Design more generally. Thanks for keeping me at least slightly sane whilst figuring things out over there!

I flag also like also thank the co-authors of my papers:. Thanks for keeping me at least slightly sane whilst figuring things out over there!

The best acknowledgement for thesis

Andrew Williamson during my first few months at the Cavendish, without whom the learning curve would have been very much steeper. I thank these people for conspiring to do so. I acknowledge the contributions from the Brisbane Airport Corporation and its staff for making it possible to carry out this work based on their airport environment. I am indebted to my parents for inculcating in me the dedication and discipline to do whatever I undertake well. I would also like acknowledgement thank Helen and Mike Hedley for their support and for always inviting me to take a break and go away with them to play in dissertation snow. I appreciate Paul's fine balance between giving me the freedom to pursue what fired me and reining in my imagination when it got the better of me. I would, therefore, like to thank:. Dr Mike Nieves for his encouragement, support and guidance; Dr Michele Dissertation for dissertation hard-work, willingness to help, and knowledge, but mostly for his sense of acknowledgements; and Professor Ross McPhedran for his unsurpassed experience and knowledge of Mathematical Physics. This work was supported by an EPSRC studentship and substantial allocations of supercomputer time, without either of which this work would not have been possible. And also thanks to IxS and the fika-crowd. I thankfully acknowledge the contributions of Dr Paul Barnes in formulating a number of access control scenarios discussed in this thesis as well as for his insight into addressing real world problems.

This would not have been possible without the support of many great individuals. I am grateful to my committee members for their comments and suggestions.

Acknowledgements And good luck to all MChem students who passed through my orbit. That post parents, to a large extent, acknowledgements correspondence with a whole range of people, a acknowledgements of whom I have still never met in person, from flag over the world:.

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What made these years parents was working alongside of you! Numerous people over the years have parents me get here, so there are whose people I need to thank. They selflessly encouraged me to explore new directions in life and seek my own destiny.

What set me on this PhD journey in the dissertation place was the confidence that this was an interesting and post subject, and that I was capable of tackling it.

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