A depiction of the dangers of war in the music video empty walls by serj tankian

The album eventually achieved multi-platinum certification and has since sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

Serj tankian empty walls lyrics

The worst part? A boy inside a toy car puts on goggles and is driven into a plastic ball pit wall to cause a burst of confetti, symbolic of the many suicide bombings at US Army checkpoints. Nah, man. Meanwhile, the dead Marine's grief-stricken parents are looking in horror and disbelief at the day care, after seeing what the children have done. Reset button! And his suffering starts over. Is an acussation? Radiohead , " There There ", specially the conclusion, where Thom Yorke is slowly and painfully turned into a tree.

The man in question? And then there's the rest of his videos. Why should anyone have respect for a government that would use war to solve problems? Or that they're covered in the blood of people.

Let's say all of The Wall and be done with it. The video, which is an homage to The Shining, is even creepier.

serj tankian sky is over

Check the end off the official "Sky Is Over" video, or most of "Lie Lie Lie" which he says was supposed to be lighthearted! Doesn't that just make the problem bigger? And it will always be.

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The song ends with something dragging what appears to be either organs or wet wiring through an opaque window while vocalist Jacob Bannon is literally howling. Without prior knowledge of the story behind the song, and without watching the cut scene, the ending may make it look like Jeremy shot his classmates, which can be just as disturbing. Nine Inch Nails , who have has? If you can watch that whole video without feeling sick or slightly nauseous at the end, you've either got extremely strong tolerance or an incredibly messed-up state of mind. The man in question? Specially considering it is from the Spawn soundtrack, and scenes of the movie are into it. The woman is pregnant. Add your reply.

It can almost seem like it was made with this trope in mind, considering that it is animated too.

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