A comprehensive review of the movie the prince of egypt

Was this violence necessary? One imagines de Mille had a film like this in his mind, before he had to reduce it to reality. Walt Disney knew this quite well and avoided it.

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This is definitely the greatest Dreamworks movie ever. The other criticism is in the highly questionable use of "name" voices for casting, a puzzling development since there is no meaningful box office data supporting it. The voice acting is brilliant even from Val Kilmer and Ralph Fiennes, the animation is fantastic and well drawn and well sketched and the visuals are absolutely stunning.

The final product is polished, with a number of standout sequences the chariot race, the plagues, and the parting of the Red Sea. While it may lack the numerous characters and complex story that Ten Commandments has or the talent of Charles Heston as Moses, the film does offer some awesome music and epic moments that Ten Commandments does not have.

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As a film bearing Dreamworks's great expectations and the scrutiny of so many religious advisers, ''The Prince of Egypt'' is one animated biblical epic with understandable jitters. Why or why not? As in Mulan, the subject matter is fairly sophisticated for animated fare witness the PG rating. The tale has inspired countless plays, a renowned oratorio Handel's "Israel in Egypt" , and one of the most beloved epic motion pictures of all time Cecil B. The music is incredible, the story is moving and powerful, and the animation is almost flawless. The biggest voices here are the extraneous ones of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, belting out that obligatory ballad from Stephen Schwartz's mostly unremarkable score. And Miriam and Tzipporah are strong, intelligent female characters.

In crowd scenes, both here and when the Hebrews pass through the Red Sea, the movie uses new computer techniques to give the illusion that each of the countless tiny figures is moving separately; that makes the "extras" uncannily convincing.

Sandra Bullock Aaron This is a film that shows animation growing up and embracing more complex themes, instead of chaining itself in the category of children's entertainment. Worthy but visually stunning version of the biblical tale.

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You expect them to be thrilled and entertained. I applaud DreamWorks for this triumph in graphic excellence.

A comprehensive review of the movie the prince of egypt

Jeff Goldblum Jethro Val Kilmer Rameses Central conflicts emerge as Pharaoh Patrick Stewart reminds Rameses of his duties as divine successor, and Moses, after a chance meeting with his slave sister Miriam Sandra Bullock , begins to question his own lineage. Was this review helpful? Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well. This is a film that I thinkThe Prince of Egypt is an enjoyable film. The next day, Moses confronts Pharoah, asking why scores of Hebrew infants were thrown to the crocodiles. It is Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. We like these stories because in the one we subscribe to, we are the chosen people. As for the other "necessary" aspect of the successful animated feature - the musical numbers - The Prince of Egypt features about a half-dozen from Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz, who wrote the lyrics for Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And Miriam and Tzipporah are strong, intelligent female characters. With: Moses, God Executive producer, Jeffrey Katzenberg. The comedy elements that have become an integral part of animated features are downplayed.
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Prince Of Egypt, The Review