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A Lesson: Using Ruby Bridge's Through My Eyes as a model of well-organized writing, this lesson focuses on pre-thinking purposeful paragraphs, which is a sub-skill of the Organization Trait.

6 trait writing mini lessons middle school

I then take a picture of each structure. Before writing, they should brainstorm as many specific reasons as possible that pertain to the topic they've selected.

6 1 traits of writing lesson plan

If they are different lengths, there is good sentence variety in the piece of writing. This activity is really great for your hands-on learners. At the end of the time frame, I discreetly take up the pictures and have the students switch places leaving the Lego baggies and their directions on the desk.

At WritingFix's Conventions Homepageteachers will find mentor text suggestions, skill-specific lessons and prompts that will help your students explore with depth the trait of conventions. Another Resource: Breath-taking Adjectives Sometimes when we compare original sentences to rewritten ones, more isn't always better.

Yellow means wait: a middle that is logically organized.

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6+1 Trait Writing Lesson Plans